how to craft furnace stardew valley

Crafting the Furnace in Stardew Valley: How To Craft Furnace Stardew Valley

As an experienced Stardew Valley player, I’ve spent countless hours exploring, farming, and of course, crafting. One essential item that’s been a game-changer for me is the furnace. It’s a vital tool for any budding farmer looking to make the most out of their resources.

How To Craft Furnace Stardew Valley

First up is copper ore. You’ll find it easily enough if you know where to look – the mines. The mines are your go-to place for these shimmering nuggets. How to find the mines? They’re located in the northeast of the map, just beyond the Carpenter’s Shop.

You’ll need a pickaxe to break the stones and reveal the hidden copper. Time and patience are vital here. Always remember, the mines grow more hazardous as you delve deeper, but they also yield more copper. Aim for at least 20 pieces of copper ore for your furnace.

Collecting Coal

Next, we need coal. Coal is imperative to power your prospective furnace. Inseparable from the mining process, coal is usually found as drops from rocks or in specific coal bags within the mines. You’ll find it scattered around the same areas as copper. Sometimes, you get lucky, and monsters in the mines drop coal when defeated.

Good news: You don’t need as much coal as copper for your furnace. Just 25 pieces should suffice. Therefore, each mining excursion should yield both copper and coal, inching you closer to your objective.

Once your inventory is laden with enough copper ore and coal, you’re ready to take the next step in crafting the perfect furnace in Stardew Valley. Be proud! You’re making significant progress in this enriching experience. But remember, this isn’t the end goal. The true aim here is to use this furnace effectively, smelting ores into bars and crafting a pantheon of tools and buildings to make your farm thriving and prosperous.

Building the Furnace

After explaining where to find copper ore and coal in Stardew Valley, it’s time to let you in on how to craft the furnace. This valuable piece of equipment significantly ramps up your productivity on the farm.

Unlocking the Blueprint

Getting your hands on the furnace blueprint is your first task. Fortunately, Clint the Blacksmith hands it to you after you’ve mined your first copper ore. From there, you’ll find the furnace blueprint in your crafting menu. In terms of “how to craft furnace stardew valley”, well it’s definitely not rocket science. The collection of necessary resources is often the most challenging part.

Gathering Stone and Copper Ore

Prime your pickaxe! Gathering 25 pieces of stone and 20 copper ores is next on the agenda.

  • Stone is simple enough to find. You’ll need a pickaxe to break rocks, they’re littered around your farm.
  • Copper ore has a specific home – the mines. As mentioned before, these are located in the northeast of the map. Mine the rocks with visible copper streaks with your pickaxe and brace yourself for the sweet clink of the copper dropping.

Mining rocks may yield other useful items. For example, geodes or gems. Consider those as your miner’s cherry on top!

Crafting the Furnace

Refer to your furnance blueprint and get to work! Combining 25 stone and 20 copper ore instantly rewards you with your new furnace.

Remember to place it somewhere accessible. You’ll be using it often, to smelt ores into shiny bars. Not just copper, but as you advance and mine deeper, you’ll have access to more varied ores.

The furnace, then, becomes a precious vessel, converting these raw ores into valuable bars. Each bar you forge becomes the lifeblood of your upgrading journey, from tools to buildings. There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing your once humble Stardew Valley farm transform into a thriving enterprise. Trust me, once you’ve smelt your first bar, you’ll keep at it, making sure not to leave your furnace idle.


Crafting a furnace in Stardew Valley is a game-changer. It’s a straightforward process, needing just 25 stones and 20 copper ores. Once you’ve got these, you’re ready to start smelting ores into bars. Remember, the mines in the northeast of the map are your go-to for these materials.

Strategically placing your furnace can make all the difference. You’ll be using it often, so make sure it’s in an easily accessible spot.

In the end, the furnace is more than just a tool. It’s an essential part of your Stardew Valley journey, playing a pivotal role in upgrading and expanding your farm. So, gather those materials and get crafting. Your farm’s future depends on it!