far cry primal how to craft poison antidote

The Ultimate Guide: Far Cry Primal How To Craft Poison Antidote

In my gaming journey, I’ve often found myself tangled in the ancient world of Far Cry Primal. It’s a game that immerses you in a prehistoric time where survival isn’t just about fighting off ferocious beasts, but also about understanding the basics of crafting essential items. One such item that’s crucial for your survival is the poison antidote.

Far Cry Primal How To Craft Poison Antidote

After getting the hang of surviving in the wild and understanding the basics of gaming in Far Cry Primal, you’ll come across one special aspect – crafting a poison antidote. Crafting in Far Cry Primal is an essential part of the gaming experience. It’ll help you survive and thrive in the beautiful, albeit dangerous, terrains of the game’s prehistoric world.

Gathering Resources

The first step towards crafting a poison antidote in Far Cry Primal involves gathering resources. As they say, the key is to be prepared. In the game, all antidotes share a common ingredient: green leaves. These are abundantly available in the lush green world that is Far Cry Primal.

While you might be tempted to quickly pass through the greenery to get on with your next mission, I recommend taking your time to collect green leaves. Stocking up on green leaves not only sets you up for crafting poison antidotes but also other important tonics and salves.

I also suggest playing close attention to other resources such as animal skins, bone, and clay. While they aren’t directly used to craft a poison antidote in the game, it’s imperative to gather them for your future crafting needs.

Unlocking the Poison Antidote Recipe

After ensuring you have enough green leaves, the next step is unlocking the poison antidote recipe. To do this, you’ll need to rescue and enlist Tensay the Shaman.

Tensay is found in the second mission of the game, and after rescuing him, he joins your tribe as a healer. Not only does rescuing Tensay unlock the poison antidote recipe, but it also provides you with other valuable recipes.

Once you’ve rescued Tensay, crafting the antidote is a breeze if you’ve gathered enough green leaves. Just open your crafting menu, click on the poison antidote, and there you have it.

Understanding the Poison Effect

The impact of poison in Far Cry Primal is not a trivial matter. The constant threat of venomous creatures and tainted weapons requires the player to have a good understanding of its unforgiving consequences. Now that I’ve highlighted the importance of rescuing Tensay the Shaman and gathering green leaves, let’s delve deeper into the concept of poison and tackle how to craft poison antidote.

Finding the Necessary Ingredients

One key factor in surviving the perilous lands of Oros is knowing your environment. Green leaves, the primary resource for crafting healing items, is a fairly common ingredient in Far Cry Primal. So it’s important that you constantly check your surroundings for this life-saving resource. In the wild, they’re typically found near the water’s edge or in dense vegetation areas.

Another resource you’ll need is rare lion skin. This ingredient is a bit trickier to obtain. Lions won’t just sit and wait for you to take their skin. Combat is inevitable so prepare yourself for a fierce battle. A well-aimed headshot from your bow or a few strategically placed spears would do the trick.

Crafting the Antidote

With all the necessary ingredients in your pouch, you’re ready to whip up the antidote. Crafting in Far Cry Primal lies in its simplicity. Open your inventory, select the antidote, and hit the craft button. It’s as simple as that.

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is the best defense.” So mastering the art of crafting in Far Cry Primal becomes a lifeline for survival in the game’s hostile environment. Crafting a poison antidote may just save your life from a lethal snake bite or a rival tribesman’s poison-tipped arrow.


Crafting a poison antidote in Far Cry Primal is no small feat, but with this guide, you’ve got the knowledge you need to survive. Remember, it’s all about gathering those key resources – green leaves and rare lion skin. Don’t forget to rescue Tensay the Shaman to unlock the antidote recipe. Once you’ve got these elements in place, crafting the antidote becomes a straightforward process. It’s a critical skill to master in the game’s unforgiving environment. Now, you’re ready to take on any challenge that comes your way in Far Cry Primal. So, go ahead and conquer the primal world, knowing you’ve got the antidote to keep you safe from poison.