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What To Do If You Think Your Bag Is Fake

Handbags are a personal item many women enjoy having; whether for work or to go out, most women will have more than one. Buying a handbag can be a leisurely experience but quite pricey, depending on your preferred bag.

However, with many fakes out there, unless you buy in person from the brand’s store, you cannot always be certain that you have purchased a legitimate item.

In this article, we will discuss some things you can do if you suspect your bag may be fake, some ways you can check the legitimacy, and what your next steps will be if it is fake. Regardless of the brand, when you buy a luxury designer bag, you want to ensure it is the real deal.

Authentic Markers

Most brands will have ways to tell if your item is fake. Whether this is the logo, the bag within the bag, or the way the lining is stitched, it entirely depends on the brand you are buying from. If you want to check the authenticity of your chosen bag, research what that brand has done to ensure the designs cannot be easily copied.


Another way if you are unsure or cannot find the information you need to check authenticity at home would be to contact a company like LegitGrails. A company like this will, for a small fee, authenticate your bag from the comfort of your home.

They do this by asking you to provide them with high-quality pictures. You can also have an answer in as little as 30 minutes; however, this will be the highest fee.

What To Do If It Is A Fake?

The first thing to do if you discover that the luxury bag you have purchased is a fake is to contact the company. If you purchased this bag from a luxury bag shop, you are likely to get a refund if you can prove that the bag they have sold you is fake. Depending on the store, you will also get an apology.

If the store you purchased from does not guarantee that the bags they sell are designer, you will still be entitled to a refund with proof of purchase. However, you may not get an apology for the bag being fake.

You, of course, also have the option to keep the bag. If it is a good fake and you did not pay too much this may be a preferable option for some, allowing you to keep your designer bags for better occasions.

The final option you have would be to write a complaint to the company selling the bag, providing proof of the store claiming to sell designer items and proof that your bag, with a receipt, is fake.


Again, you are likely to only get a refund, but it would alert either the designer brand or higher management of issues within the store you purchased from.


Buying a designer item, such as a handbag, should be an enjoyable experience where you purchase an item that will last. If you happen to buy a fake brand for luxury prices, this can be upsetting for many.

Using a professional company like LegitGrails or learning how to spot fakes can help you ensure you only buy designer in the future.