ark survival evolved how to craft

Ark Survival Evolved How to Craft – A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Ark Survival Evolved How to Craft

Crafting, it’s a vital gameplay element in Ark Survival Evolved. We’ve all been there, stranded on an island filled with dinosaurs and other potential threats. One of the key survival strategies? You guessed it right, crafting! In the simplest terms, crafting involves creating new items from materials you’ve collected.

In Ark Survival Evolved, I’m constantly gathering resources like wood, stone or fiber. The game has a robust inventory system where these harvested materials can be converted into useful tools or weapons, such as axes for chopping trees or spears for self-defense against predators. It’s not just limited to primitive tools though; you can craft complex structures and even high-tech equipment given enough progress through the game.

To start crafting in Ark Survival Evolved – it’s really simple. Once you have gathered sufficient resources for an item (you can check requirements in your inventory), select that item and hit ‘Craft Item’. Voila! You have your newly crafted tool or weapon at your disposal.

Importance of Crafting in Ark Survival Evolved

You might be thinking “Why should I bother about crafting when I could simply scavenge around?” Well my friend, let me tell you why crafting is so pivotal in this game.

Firstly, surviving on a prehistoric island isn’t exactly a walk in the park. You need more than just raw resources to stay alive; you need tools and weapons – and that’s where crafting comes into play. By transforming basic resources into handy items via crafting, you’re increasing your chances of survival significantly.

Secondly, some creatures aren’t too friendly out there! Having weapons at your disposal becomes essential; not only for protection but also to gather meat by hunting down prey. Without the ability to craft weapons like spears or bows, survival becomes much more challenging indeed!

Finally – and perhaps most excitingly – crafting allows us to build structures, which can range from simple thatched huts to massive metal fortresses. Having a safe place to rest, store items and respawn upon death is a game-changer in Ark Survival Evolved.

So there you have it: the ins and outs of crafting in Ark Survival Evolved. It’s not just about surviving – it’s about thriving!

Gathering Resources for Crafting

When you’re diving into the world of Ark Survival Evolved, knowing how to craft is essential. But before I can get into the nitty-gritty of crafting, it’s important to understand where all those resources come from. This section will guide you through gathering both common and rare resources.

Gathering Common Resources

Common resources are your bread and butter in Ark Survival Evolved. They’re necessary for most crafting recipes and fortunately, they’re also plentiful if you know where to look.

  • Wood: You’ll find this resource simply by punching trees early on. Later, using an axe or a dino like a Beaver can significantly increase your wood-gathering rate.
  • Stone: Look towards the ground! Stones are almost everywhere – pick them up manually or use tools like a hatchet or dinosaurs such as a Doedicurus.
  • Fiber: Bushes are your best friends for fiber collection. Early game, you’ll have to gather by hand, but later on, creatures like Gigantopithecus can be tamed specifically for this task.

These are just a few examples of common materials; others include Flint, Thatch and Berries.

As I progressed further in Ark Survival Evolved, I found out how crucial it was to have weapons for hunting prey and defending against predators. In early stages of gameplay, crafting ranged weapons such as slingshots or bows can give you an upper hand during hunts or unexpected tussles.