how to craft slayer helm osrs

Crafting Quick Tips – How to Craft Slayer Helm Osrs

How to Craft Slayer Helm Osrs

Crafting the Slayer Helm in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a highly sought-after task for many players. This powerful piece of equipment combines various helmets into one, providing valuable bonuses for slayer tasks. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting the Slayer Helm OSRS.

To begin crafting your very own Slayer Helm, you’ll first need to acquire a Black Mask or a Black Mask (i). These can be obtained as drops from Cave Horrors or purchased from other players. Once you have your hands on one of these masks, it’s time to gather some additional materials.

Next up, head to any anvil and bring a Facemask and earmuffs. With these items in your inventory, use them on the anvil to create the Unfinished Slayer Helmet. Now that you have the foundation ready, it’s time to add the finishing touches.

Unlocking the Slayer Helmet

You’ll need to gather several materials to craft a Slayer Helmet in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Here’s a list of the items you’ll need:

  • Black Mask: The foundation of the Slayer Helmet, which can be obtained as a drop from Cave Horrors or purchased from other players.
  • Facemask: Protects against smoke and dust while slaying, and it can be bought at any Slayer Master for 200 coins.
  • Earmuffs: Essential for blocking out Banshee screams, these can be acquired during the Smoking Kills quest or purchased from other players.
  • Nose Peg: Prevents damage caused by Aberrant Spectres’ foul stench. You can obtain one during the Slayer Tower assignment or purchase it from other players.
  • Spiny Helmet: Guards against Wall Beasts’ attacks. It’s crafted using five nails and one regular helmet; however, buying one from other players is recommended due to its low demand.

Unlocking the First Level of the Slayer Helmet

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, visit any anvil with a hammer in your inventory. Combine each item on the anvil into their respective components before creating your first level of Slayer Helmet.

After combining all four components (Black Mask, Facemask, Earmuffs, and Nose Peg), you’ll receive a “Slayer Helm (i)” – this is known as the first level of your Slayer Helmet.

Combining the Pieces to Create the Slayer Helmet

To create a fully upgraded version of your Slayer Helmet, you’ll need additional pieces: Abyssal Whip and Kraken Tentacle. Attaching an Abyssal Whip to your first-level helmet using a Kraken Tentacle on either item will transform it into an untradeable Slayer Helmet (i).

This upgraded version provides the same benefits as the first-level helmet but includes a built-in nose peg, earmuffs, facemask, and black mask. It saves inventory space and eliminates the need to switch between various protective items during Slayer tasks.

Remember that the Slayer Helmet can only be crafted in an uncharged state. To charge it, you must use Slayer Points to imbue it with additional combat bonuses at any Slayer Master.

Crafting your own Slayer Helmet in OSRS enhances your slaying abilities and streamlines your equipment setup for efficient monster hunting. So gather those materials, forge through the anvil, and gear up for epic adventures!

Gathering the Required Materials

To begin crafting your Slayer Helm in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you’ll first need to locate a Slayer Master. These NPCs can be found throughout the game world and will assign you various slayer tasks. However, not all Slayer Masters are equal when providing the necessary materials for crafting the helm.

For crafting the Slayer Helm, you’ll want to seek out Turael or Spria, as they offer easier assignments that require fewer combat levels but still provide access to the required materials. Turael is in Burthorpe, while Spria is in Draynor Village. Interacting with these Slayer Masters will ensure a smoother journey toward obtaining your desired helm.

Understanding the Required Materials

Crafting a Slayer Helm in OSRS requires combining several different components. Understanding each material and its purpose before embarking on your gathering quest is essential.

The primary ingredient for creating the helm is an uncharged Black Mask or an uncharged Black Mask (i). You can obtain these by completing Cave Kraken tasks assigned by any higher-level Slayer Masters like Duradel or Nieve/Steve. Additionally, there are two types of imbued Black Masks: one from Nightmare Zone reward points and another from Larran’s small crate drops.

In addition to the Black Mask, you’ll need various other items such as an Earmuff, Facemask, Nose Peg, and a Spiny Helmet. These items serve as protective gear during specific slayer tasks, providing additional bonuses against certain monsters’ attacks. Ensuring these materials are ready will make your journey through slayer tasks more efficient and rewarding.