how to craft gasoline ark

Crucial Crafting Skill to Have: How to Craft Gasoline in Ark

Crafting gasoline in Ark can be a crucial skill to have, especially when it comes to powering your various machines and vehicles. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of crafting gasoline so that you never run out of fuel again.

To start crafting gasoline, you’ll need a few key ingredients: oil, hide, and sparkpowder. Oil can be obtained by harvesting oil rocks found in specific locations throughout the game world. Once you have enough oil, gather some hide from slain creatures or by using a pickaxe on dead bodies. Lastly, collect sparkpowder by grinding flint with stone in a mortar and pestle.

With all the necessary ingredients at hand, head to either a refining forge or an industrial forge. Place the required amount of oil, hide, and sparkpowder into the forge’s inventory and activate it. After a short period of time, the materials will combine to create gasoline.

Remember that higher-tier forges like the industrial forge will yield more gasoline per craft compared to the refining forge. Additionally, if you have access to an industrial cooker or chemistry bench, consider using them as they provide increased efficiency when crafting large quantities of gasoline.

How to Craft Gasoline Ark

Crafting Gasoline in ARK

Crafting gasoline in ARK is an essential skill for any seasoned survivor. It provides a reliable source of fuel for various machines and vehicles, allowing you to explore the vast landscapes of the game with ease. To start crafting gasoline, you’ll need to gather a few key resources and utilize a refining process.

Materials Required for Gasoline Crafting

Before you can begin crafting gasoline, ensure that you have gathered the following materials:

  • Oil: Obtain oil by either harvesting it from oil nodes found underwater or by using creatures like the Basilosaurus or Dunkleosteus, which can collect oil as they swim.
  • Hide: Collect hide from slain dinosaurs or other creatures.
  • Thatch: Gather thatch by using tools on trees or bushes.
  • Sparkpowder: Create sparkpowder by combining flint and stone in a mortar and pestle.

Once you have these materials ready, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Building a Refining Forge

To craft gasoline in Ark: Survival Evolved, one essential structure you’ll need is a Refining Forge. This handy device allows you to refine various resources into valuable items, including gasoline. In this section, I’ll guide you through the process of building your very own Refining Forge.

  1. Gathering Resources: Before you can begin constructing the Refining Forge, gather the following resources:
  • 125 Stone
  • 65 Wood
  • 40 Hide
  1. Crafting the Refining Forge: Once you have collected all the necessary resources, follow these steps to craft your Refining Forge:
  • Open your inventory and navigate to the crafting menu.
  • Search for “Refining Forge” or scroll through the available options until you find it.
  • Select “Craft” and wait for the forging process to complete.
  1. Placing and Operating the Refining Forge: After successfully crafting your Refining Forge, it’s time to find an ideal location for its placement. Consider these factors:
  • Accessibility: Make sure that it’s easily accessible from your base or main gathering area.
  • Safety: Place it in a secure location away from potential threats like aggressive creatures or enemy players.

Once you’ve found a suitable spot, follow these steps to place and operate the Refining Forge:

  • Open your inventory and locate the crafted Refining Forge item.
  • Drag and drop it onto a flat surface within range of any connected electricity source if available.
  1. Fueling and Operating: To fuel your newly placed forge with wood or thatch (depending on its specific requirements), follow these instructions:
  • Approach the forge and interact with it by pressing E (or appropriate key/button).
  • Access its inventory by clicking on “Open Inventory.”

Inside the forge’s inventory menu, place either wood or thatch as fuel by dragging them from your own inventory into its fuel slot.

  1. Producing Gasoline: With your Refining Forge fueled and operational, it’s time to produce gasoline. Here’s how:
  • Access the forge’s inventory once again.
  • Place raw oil in the forge by dragging it from your inventory into its resource slot.
  • Start the refining process by clicking on “Craft” or “Start.”

As the forge works its magic, it will convert the raw oil into gasoline over time.

Remember that while crafting gasoline, you need to keep an eye on both fuel levels and resources. Ensure a steady supply of wood or thatch as fuel and collect enough raw oil for uninterrupted production.

In conclusion, building a Refining Forge is crucial for crafting gasoline in Ark: Survival Evolved. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to producing this valuable resource efficiently and effectively. Happy refining!

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