fate grand order how to equip craft essence

Fate Grand Order How to Equip Craft Essence: Mastering The Art of Enhancing Your Fate

Wondering how to equip Craft Essences in Fate/Grand Order? Look no further! In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps to efficiently equip Craft Essences and enhance your gameplay experience.

Craft Essences are special items that provide various bonuses and effects to your Servants in Fate/Grand Order. Equipping them strategically can greatly enhance your team’s performance in battles. To equip a Craft Essence, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Party Setup menu: From the main screen, tap on “Party,” then select “Party Setup.”
  2. Choose a Servant: Select the Servant you want to equip a Craft Essence on from your list of available Servants.
  3. Tap on “Equip Craft Essence”: Once you’ve chosen a Servant, tap on the “Equip Craft Essence” button located beneath their name.
  4. Select a Craft Essence: A list of available Craft Essences will appear. Choose one that best compliments your Servant’s abilities or fills any gaps in their skillset.
  5. Confirm and save changes: After selecting a Craft Essence, confirm your choice and save the changes by tapping on the appropriate buttons.

Remember, some Craft Essences have specific requirements or limitations based on rarity or class type. Be sure to consider these factors when choosing which ones to equip for optimal results.

Fate Grand Order How To Equip Craft Essence

Craft Essences play a crucial role in enhancing the abilities of your Servants in Fate Grand Order. These powerful items provide various bonuses and effects, making them essential for optimizing your team’s performance. In this section, we’ll explore the different types of Craft Essences, how to obtain them, and how to enhance and limit break them.

Different Types of Craft Essences

Craft Essences come in several types, each with its own unique set of effects. Here are some common types you’ll encounter:

  1. Attack Boost: These Craft Essences increase the attack stat of your Servant, allowing them to deal more damage.
  2. NP Gain: Craft Essences with NP gain effects boost the rate at which your Servant charges their Noble Phantasm gauge.
  3. Critical Damage: Enhancing critical damage can significantly amplify the damage output when landing critical hits.
  4. Starting NP Gauge: Some Craft Essences grant a starting NP gauge bonus, allowing your Servant to begin battles with a portion of their Noble Phantasm already charged.
  5. Defensive Effects: Certain Craft Essences provide defensive benefits such as increased defense or reduced incoming damage.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each type will help you select the most suitable Craft Essence for each Servant and battle scenario.

How to Obtain Craft Essences in Fate/Grand Order

In Fate/Grand Order, Craft Essences play a crucial role in enhancing your servants’ abilities and improving their performance on the battlefield. Obtaining these powerful artifacts can greatly impact your gameplay experience. In this section, I’ll guide you through the various ways to acquire Craft Essences.

  1. Summoning Gacha: One of the primary methods to obtain Craft Essences is through the summoning gacha system. By using Saint Quartz or Friend Points, you can participate in summons that grant you a chance to receive these valuable items. The rarity of the Craft Essence obtained depends on the type of summon performed.
  2. Event Rewards: Participating in events within Fate/Grand Order often rewards players with exclusive Craft Essences. These events may include limited-time quests, raids, or special challenges where you can earn event-specific currencies to exchange for powerful Artifacts.
  3. Friend Point Summon: Aside from using Friend Points for regular summons, it’s also possible to obtain lower rarity Craft Essences through this method. While they may not be as impactful as higher rarity ones, they still provide useful effects and can be a good starting point for newcomers.
  4. Event Shops and Exchanges: Some events feature dedicated shops where you can spend event currency or other specific resources earned during the event period to purchase exclusive Craft Essences directly. This allows players to obtain specific Essences they desire without relying solely on luck or RNG-based summoning systems.
  5. Login Bonuses and Campaigns: Fate/Grand Order occasionally offers login bonuses and special campaigns that reward players with various items, including Craft Essences. Make sure to stay updated on these events and log in regularly to take advantage of such opportunities.

Remember that equipping multiple copies of the same Craft Essence enhances its effects, so consider obtaining duplicates if possible. Additionally, keep an eye out for rate-up banners during specific summoning campaigns, as they increase the chances of obtaining specific Craft Essences.