how to craft a shovel in animal crossing

How to Craft a Shovel in Animal Crossing: Your Essential Guide

If you’re wondering how to craft a shovel in Animal Crossing, I’ve got you covered. The shovel is an essential tool for digging up fossils, planting trees, and finding buried treasures on your island. Here’s a step-by-step guide on crafting one:

To start, gather the necessary materials: 5 hardwood and 1 iron nugget. Hardwood can be obtained by chopping trees with an axe, while iron nuggets are usually found by hitting rocks with a tool like a regular shovel or an axe.

Once you have the required materials, head over to your DIY Workbench or any crafting table available. Interact with it and select the option to craft. Look through your recipes until you find the shovel recipe. If you don’t have it yet, no worries! You can obtain it from Tom Nook after completing some initial tasks on your island.

How To Craft A Shovel In Animal Crossing

Gathering Wood and Iron Nuggets

To craft a shovel in Animal Crossing, you’ll need to gather two essential materials: wood and iron nuggets. These resources can be found by interacting with the environment on your island or by visiting other islands using Nook Miles Tickets.

Wood is a common material that can be obtained by shaking trees or hitting them with an axe. Each tree will yield three pieces of wood, so make sure to gather enough to meet the crafting requirements.

Tips For Using The Shovel In Animal Crossing

Introduction: Now that you’ve successfully crafted a shovel in Animal Crossing, it’s time to discover the many ways you can make the most of this essential tool. From unearthing buried treasure to transforming your island landscape, the shovel is a versatile tool with endless possibilities. In this section, I’ll share some valuable tips on how to maximize your use of the shovel and enhance your gameplay experience.

  1. Digging for Fossils and Artifacts: The primary function of the shovel in Animal Crossing is digging up fossils and artifacts buried underground. These valuable discoveries can be donated to Blathers at the museum or sold for Bells. Here are a few tips to help you become an expert digger:
  • Look out for cracks in the ground: Cracks signify potential fossil locations. Use your shovel to dig directly above these cracks and reveal buried treasures.
  • Listen for “bloop” sounds: When walking over a hidden fossil spot, you’ll hear a distinctive sound effect similar to water droplets falling into water. Pay attention to these audio cues as they can guide you towards precious fossils.
  • Scan for star-shaped patterns: Another indicator of hidden fossils are small star-shaped patterns on the ground surface. Keep an eye out for these subtle markings while exploring your island.
  1. Landscaping and Tree Management: Aside from excavation purposes, the shovel can also be utilized for landscaping and tree management tasks on your island:
  • Replanting trees: If you want to relocate trees within your island or create new orchards, use your shovel to uproot them carefully without damaging them. Simply replant them in their desired location.
  • Moving flowers: The shovel allows you to move flowers around effortlessly without picking them individually. Dig adjacent tiles next to flowers and replant them elsewhere as needed.
  • Creating paths and patterns: With custom designs available in Animal Crossing, you can use your shovel to create unique patterns and paths. Digging the ground in specific areas can provide a blank canvas for designing intricate pathways or garden arrangements.
  1. Finding Bells and Special Items: While exploring your island, you may stumble upon glowing spots on the ground. These are money tree locations that can yield a significant amount of Bells. Here’s how to make the most of these opportunities:
  • Locate the glowing spot: Every day, there will be one glowing spot somewhere on your island. Use your shovel to dig into it and uncover a bag of Bells.
  • Plant money trees: Once you’ve dug up the bag of Bells, consider burying additional money in the same hole to grow a money tree. The amount you bury will determine the potential return on investment when the tree matures.
  • Beware: Money trees have limitations! They only produce more bells once before reverting back to regular trees.

Conclusion: The shovel is an indispensable tool in Animal Crossing, with its ability to unearth hidden treasures, reshape landscapes, and even help grow your wealth. By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to make efficient use of this versatile tool and take full advantage of all that Animal Crossing has to offer. So grab your trusty shovel and embark on new adventures across your virtual island paradise!