how to craft an ender chest

How to Craft an Ender Chest: The Ultimate Guide

Crafting an Ender Chest may seem like a daunting task at first, but with the right materials and a little know-how, you’ll soon be able to access your items from anywhere in the Minecraft world. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps of creating an Ender Chest and explain its unique properties.

Understanding The Purpose Of An Ender Chest

In Minecraft, an ender chest is a valuable storage block that has unique properties. Let’s delve into its purpose and why it’s worth crafting.

1. Secure Item Storage: One of the primary purposes of an ender chest is to provide secure item storage. Unlike regular chests, which can be accessed by anyone, ender chests are linked to each individual player. This means that only you can access the items stored in your own ender chest, regardless of where you are in the game world.

2. Portable Inventory: Another advantage of an ender chest is its portability. It allows you to carry your items with you wherever you go in Minecraft. Whether you’re exploring distant lands or embarking on epic quests, having access to your essential items at any time can be a game-changer.

3. Shared Access in Multiplayer: While each player has their own private inventory in their ender chest, there’s also a shared section that multiple players can access within the same world. This feature comes in handy during cooperative gameplay sessions or when playing on multiplayer servers where teamwork is crucial.

4. End Dimension Link: Ender chests have a special relationship with the End dimension in Minecraft. When placed inside the End dimension and filled with items, these chests will retain their contents even if they are emptied or destroyed elsewhere in the Overworld or Nether dimensions. This makes them incredibly useful for long expeditions to The End and back.

How To Craft An Ender Chest

To craft an ender chest, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  1. Obsidian: You’ll need 8 blocks of obsidian to form the base and sides of the ender chest.
  2. Eye of Ender: Gather 1 Eye of Ender by combining Blaze Powder with an Ender Pearl.
  3. Chest: You’ll need 1 regular wooden chest as a component for crafting.

Once you have these materials ready, follow these steps to craft your ender chest:

  1. Begin by arranging the obsidian blocks in a square shape on a Crafting Table or in your inventory crafting grid. Place them in a 3×3 pattern, leaving the center empty.
    • Use shift-click or drag-and-drop methods to transfer items easily between slots.
  1. Next, place the Eye of Ender in the center slot of the crafting grid. This will complete the recipe and create your ender chest.

Now that you have crafted your ender chest, it’s important to note its unique properties:

  • The ender chest has 27 storage slots, just like a regular chest.
  • However, what sets it apart is that its contents are linked across all other ender chests in Minecraft. This means you can access items from any connected ender chest regardless of their physical location!
  • To access another linked ender chest’s contents, simply place one down and right-click on it.

In summary, gathering obsidian, acquiring an Eye of Ender, and utilizing a regular wooden chest are the key steps to crafting an ender chest. With its unique inventory linking feature, the ender chest offers a convenient way to access your items from anywhere in the Minecraft world.