how to craft scarecrow stardew valley

How to Craft Scarecrow Stardew Valley – Assembling the Scarecrow

How to Craft Scarecrow Stardew Valley 

Assembling the Scarecrow in Stardew Valley is a crucial task for any farmer looking to protect their crops from pesky crows. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting a scarecrow and ensuring its proper placement in your fields.

To start, gather the necessary materials for crafting the scarecrow. You’ll need 50 Wood, 1 Coal, and 20 Fiber. These resources can be easily obtained by chopping trees, mining coal deposits, and collecting fiber from bushes around your farm or in the nearby areas.

Once you have gathered the required materials, head over to your crafting menu and select “Scarecrow” under the “Farming” tab. Click on “Craft” and voila! Your scarecrow is ready to be assembled.

Now comes the important part – placing your scarecrow strategically in your fields. To ensure maximum coverage, it’s recommended to place one scarecrow every approximately 17-18 tiles apart. Keep in mind that scarecrows have a radius of 8 tiles horizontally and vertically.

By following these simple steps, you’ll have an effective scarecrow protecting your precious crops from those mischievous crows in no time. 

When it comes to crafting a scarecrow in Stardew Valley, selecting the right materials is crucial. The scarecrow not only helps protect your crops from pesky crows but also adds a charming touch to your farm. In this section, I’ll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect materials for your scarecrow.

  1. Wood: The backbone of any scarecrow is its frame, and for that, you’ll need sturdy wood. Gather some logs by chopping trees on your farm or head over to Robin’s Carpenter Shop to purchase them. Oak wood works best for this purpose due to its durability and availability.
  2. Fiber: To give your scarecrow that rustic appearance, you’ll need some fiber to stuff it with. You can obtain fiber by cutting down weeds and grass on your farm or exploring the mines where you might stumble upon it as a drop from various creatures.
  3. Straw Hat: A classic addition to any scarecrow is a straw hat for its headpiece. Keep an eye out for one while exploring Pelican Town or visit Pierre’s General Store; he occasionally has them in stock.
  4. Clothing: To make your scarecrow more visually appealing, consider adding old clothes or rags as clothing options. These can be found while fishing, digging through trash cans around town (don’t worry, nobody will judge), or even purchased from Sandy at the Oasis in the Desert.
  5. Special Items: In addition to these basic materials, there are certain special items that can enhance specific aspects of your scarecrows’ abilities. For example, using a rare iridium sprinkler as part of the construction may increase its range and effectiveness.

Remember that customization is key here! Feel free to experiment with different combinations of materials and accessories to create unique and personalized scarecrows that suit your style.

With these tips in mind, gather up all the necessary materials and get ready to assemble your scarecrow. In the next section, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of bringing your scarecrow to life and placing it strategically around your farm. 

Gathering the Required Items

When it comes to crafting a scarecrow in Stardew Valley, gathering the necessary items is the first step towards creating your very own guardian of the crops. Here’s a breakdown of the items you’ll need and where to find them:

  1. Fiber: This essential material can be easily obtained by cutting down grass with your trusty scythe. As you wander around your farm or explore the surrounding areas, keep an eye out for patches of tall grass. Swing your scythe at them and collect the fiber that drops as a result.
  2. Wood: To build the frame of the scarecrow, you’ll need some sturdy wood. Chop down trees using your axe to gather this vital resource. The larger trees provide more wood, so focus on those if you’re looking to stock up quickly.
  3. Coal: Scarecrows require coal as fuel to keep away pesky crows from wreaking havoc on your precious crops. You can obtain coal by mining rocks found throughout Stardew Valley or by smelting some ores in a furnace.
  4. Hardwood: For a more advanced scarecrow design, you’ll need hardwood to enhance its durability and effectiveness against crows’ relentless attacks. Head over to the Secret Woods located in Cindersap Forest and chop down large stumps using a steel axe to obtain hardwood.
  5. Straw Hat: Finally, no scarecrow is complete without its signature straw hat! Luckily, this item can be purchased from Mr. Qi’s shop located in Qi’s Walnut Room for 500g once you have unlocked it.