how to craft sea lanterns in minecraft

The Glowing Heart of The Ocean: How to Craft Sea Lanterns in Minecraft

How to Craft Sea Lanterns in Minecraft

To craft sea lanterns, you’ll need four prismarine shards and five prismarine crystals. These materials can be obtained by mining prismarine blocks or defeating guardians and elder guardians in ocean monuments. Once you have the necessary resources, head to your crafting table and arrange them in the following pattern: place three prismarine shards across the bottom row, one prismarine crystal in the center slot of the middle row, and one prismarine shard on either side of it. This configuration will yield two sea lanterns.

Sea lanterns can be placed both underwater and on land, making them versatile lighting options for various building projects. Their soft glow adds an enchanting touch to underwater bases, gardens, or pathways. Additionally, they can also serve as decorative elements when used creatively with other blocks or as part of intricate redstone contraptions.

Crafting Sea Lanterns in Minecraft

In Minecraft, sea lanterns are a valuable light source that can be crafted and used to illuminate your underwater builds or create an enchanting ambiance. In this section, I’ll guide you through the steps of crafting sea lanterns and provide some useful tips along the way.

To craft a sea lantern, you’ll need prismarine shards and prismarine crystals. These resources can be obtained by mining prismarine blocks found in ocean monuments. Once you have gathered enough materials, follow these simple steps:

  1. Collect Prismarine Blocks: First, locate an ocean monument, which can be found deep underwater in oceans or rivers. Bring along a trusty pickaxe to mine the prismarine blocks within the monument.
  2. Craft Prismarine Shards: Take the mined prismarine blocks to your crafting table and convert them into prismarine shards. Each block will yield 4 shards.
  3. Gather Prismarine Crystals: Next, venture deeper into the monument and find guardians or elder guardians. Defeat them to collect their drops – prismarine crystals.
  4. Combine Shards and Crystals: Return to your crafting table and arrange 4 shards in a square shape to create one prismarine block. Then place one crystal on top of each shard within the crafting grid to obtain four sea lanterns.

Using Sea Lanterns in your Minecraft builds

Decorating Your Builds With Sea Lanterns

When it comes to decorating your Minecraft builds, sea lanterns can be a fantastic addition. These luminous blocks not only provide a source of light but also add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any structure. Whether you’re building an underwater palace or a modern skyscraper, incorporating sea lanterns into your design can enhance the overall aesthetic.

One way to use sea lanterns for decoration is by creating eye-catching patterns or accentuating specific architectural elements. For instance, you might place them strategically along the edges of windows or doorways to highlight these features and make them stand out. Additionally, consider combining sea lanterns with other block types like glass or prismarine to create visually appealing designs that catch the eye.

Using Sea Lanterns as a Light Source

Apart from their decorative value, sea lanterns are also an excellent lighting solution for your Minecraft builds. Unlike torches or glowstone blocks, sea lanterns emit a cool blue light that adds a calming ambiance to any space. Their soft glow can create a serene atmosphere in underwater structures or be used creatively in above-ground constructions.

To effectively utilize sea lanterns as a light source, you’ll want to consider spacing and placement. Depending on the size of the area you’re illuminating, arranging the lanterns at regular intervals can ensure even distribution of light. By experimenting with different heights and angles, you can achieve various lighting effects that suit the mood and purpose of your build.

Creating Underwater Lighting Effects

If you’re venturing into aquatic realms within Minecraft, using sea lanterns opens up exciting possibilities for creating captivating underwater lighting effects. The combination of their gentle illumination and the natural surroundings creates an enchanting atmosphere that enhances exploration and showcases the beauty beneath the waves.

For instance, placing clusters of sea lanterns at varying depths can simulate rays of sunlight streaming through water, adding a realistic touch to your underwater world. You can also experiment with different arrangements and patterns to mimic bioluminescent creatures or create the illusion of an underwater cave illuminated by glowing crystals.


In conclusion, crafting sea lanterns in Minecraft is a rewarding process that allows players to illuminate their underwater structures and create a vibrant aquatic atmosphere. Sea lanterns can be used for various purposes, including lighting up underwater bases, creating pathways through dark depths, or simply adding decorative touches to your Minecraft world. Their versatility makes them an essential item for any ambitious builder seeking to conquer the depths of the ocean.

So gather your materials, channel your inner architect, and dive into the fascinating world of crafting sea lanterns in Minecraft! Illuminate your underwater realms with their gentle glow and make every journey beneath the waves an unforgettable adventure.