Ebook Or Traditional Paperback – What Should You Choose For Your Kids

The ongoing debate about whether ebooks are better than paperbacks is yet to end. After all, since the advent of Kindle, reading has not been the same. The bookworm nazis, especially the kind who love hardcovers, will always find criticism against ebooks.

Whether it is the old book smell they are missing or the strain on the eyes which they cannot stand, although these are excellent reasons for never picking up an ebook again, minimalist living has also entered the trend.

People are being mindful now and encouraging writers to utilize digital spaces rather than printing thousands of copies. The excessive use of paper does lead to deforestation in many cases, no doubt.

So, as a parent who is in the process of helping their child build a reading habit, which path should you pursue? Should you go for the traditional turn of real pages or a mobile Kindle in your pocket?

If You Ask Us

If you ask us, we would suggest getting the best of both worlds. Certainly, there are pros and cons for each, which we will be discussing shortly. However, being a part of the heavily digitized world, you cannot expect your child to act like they were born in the Georgian era.

Thus, rather than opposing any of the ideas, it is better to encourage them to find the positive in both.

The end goal is definitely to make them read more books in the future. Since it will help them develop healthy habits and better academic success. Recent studies have also shown a strengthening in cognitive mental processes among children who regularly read.

Pros For Reading Traditional Books

Here are some of the benefits of reading traditional paperbacks, which we all know and love.

  • The tactile sensation of reading a book always helps build the habit.
  • There is a sense of proprietorship when you have a well-decorated bookshelf.
  • It also increases socialization with other fellow book lovers by sharing copies of your books with one another.
  • Children’s literature with illustrations or graphic novels comes in big copies; the fonts are big, too. Especially for new children readers, it is easier to read from those copies.
  • Less exposure to blue light is not good for the eyes.

Cons For Reading Traditional Books

No matter how good something is, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. So, these are some of the cons of reading traditional books.

  • You will need to make extra space and storage every time you go for a shopping spree. You might lose some if you constantly keep moving.
  • No matter how pretty the hardcover is, they are not portable.
  • They cause a lot of waste since many discard their books after a while.

Pros For Ebooks

They have received a lot of backlash for numerous reasons, but they definitely have their benefits.

  • They are portable, and you can carry an innumerable kid’s books online through this one device.
  • Syncing highlights, bookmarks, and notes. You do not have to manage annotations and take notes elsewhere. With a proper application, you can take notes alongside the ebook. This can help increase the interest of your child in the book.
  • You can have language options, read-aloud options, and other digital advantages where traditional books will falter.
  • The cost of buying one tablet or one Kindle is much less than buying tons of books and children’s literature.
  • The lack of paper will have less environmental impact and paper waste.

Cons For Ebooks

Here are some of the disadvantages of ebooks.

  • You are always dependent on the device to read.
  • There are some books that do not come in ebook format. Especially some children’s literature.
  • Illustrated children’s books lose their charm when read on a small screen.
  • Blue light exposure, especially for a kid for longer hours, can be seriously dangerous.
  • Depending on the battery, one always has to carry a bulky charger and find a charging station. So, if your child is bored in the middle of a flight and your Kindle is not charged, you are in a pond of problems with a whining child.

Why Choose Both Paperback & Ebook For Your Child

So, in order to create a balance between the pros and the cons, you should opt for both. This will help your child have a more immersive experience.

Opting for both paperbacks and ebooks for your child offers a balanced reading experience. Physical books nurture tactile engagement, visual appeal, and a break from screens, fostering a love for traditional reading.

Ebooks provide portability, adjustable font sizes, and access to diverse titles instantly. This dual approach cultivates a versatile reader who appreciates the sensory charm of print and harnesses the convenience of technology, enhancing literacy, imagination, and adaptability in the modern world.

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