how to craft a shulker box

How to Craft a Shulker Box: A Step-by-Step Guide

Crafting a Shulker Box is an essential skill for any Minecraft player looking to expand their storage capabilities. This unique block not only provides ample space for item organization but also offers the convenience of being portable. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through the process of crafting a Shulker Box so that you can enhance your gameplay experience.

To begin, you’ll need some key materials: two Shulker Shells and one Chest. Shulker Shells can be obtained by defeating Shulkers in End Cities, while Chests are commonly found in dungeons or crafted using eight wooden planks. Once you have these items ready, it’s time to start crafting!

Firstly, open your crafting table and place the two Shulker Shells in the bottom row. Then, put the Chest in the center square of the middle row. Completing this pattern will yield one shiny new Shulker Box! Remember to drag it into your inventory before continuing with your adventures.

How to Craft a Shulker Box

Gathering the Necessary Supplies

To craft a Shulker Box, you’ll need to gather a few essential materials. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • 2 Chests: These can be easily crafted using wooden planks.
  • 1 Shulker Shell: This is the key component required to create the Shulker Box.

Preparing the Crafting Station

Before you begin crafting your Shulker Box, it’s important to set up a suitable crafting station. Follow these steps to prepare your workspace:

  1. Find or build a Crafting Table: The Crafting Table will serve as your main workstation for creating items. If you don’t have one yet, simply combine four wooden planks in a 2×2 pattern.
  2. Place the Crafting Table down: Choose a convenient location and place your Crafting Table on solid ground.

Obtaining a Shulker Shell

The final item needed for crafting your Shulker Box is the elusive shulker shell. Here are some methods to obtain this valuable resource:

  • Defeat Shulkers in End Cities: Shulkers are hostile mobs found in End Cities, which can only be accessed by traveling through an End Portal located in strongholds. Defeating them has a chance of dropping a shulker shell.
  • Trade with Villagers: Certain villagers, known as “Expert” level Cartographers, have been known to offer shulker shells as part of their trades.
  • Exploration and Looting: Keep an eye out for chests while exploring dungeons, mineshafts, temples, and other structures. Sometimes, these chests contain precious shulker shells.

Remember that obtaining shulker shells may require some patience and exploration skills. Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary materials and set up your crafting station, you’re ready to proceed with crafting your very own Shulker Box! Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of crafting your Shulker Box from start to finish.

Gathering the Resources

Finding An End City

To begin crafting a Shulker Box, you’ll first need to locate an end city in Minecraft. These cities can be found in The End dimension and are characterized by their distinctive tower-like structures. Exploring The End can be challenging, so make sure you come prepared with armor, weapons, and food.

Once you’ve reached an end city, navigate through its various rooms and hallways to find the valuable loot it holds. Keep an eye out for chests that may contain other useful items as well. It’s worth noting that each end city is unique, so your journey might take some time before stumbling upon one.

Defeating Shuckers for Shulker Shells

Shulkers are hostile mobs that inhabit the end cities and guard the precious resource needed for crafting Shulker Boxes – shulker shells. These mobs have a peculiar ability to levitate and teleport within their surroundings, making them quite formidable opponents.

Engage in combat with these floating creatures using ranged attacks such as bows or crossbows to minimize damage taken. Once defeated, shulkers will drop shulker shells, which you can collect to create your very own Shulker Boxes.