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Babysitting Made Fun And Easy: 10 Crafts You Can Do With Kids

As someone who loves spending time with kids, I’m always looking for easy crafts that I can do with them. These crafts not only keep them engaged and entertained, but they also help to develop their creativity and imagination. If you’re a babysitter or a parent looking for some fun activities to do with kids, then look no further than these easy crafts.

One of my go-to crafts for kids is making slime. All you need is some glue, borax, water, and food coloring, and you can make countless batches of ooey-gooey slime. Kids absolutely love the texture of slime, and it’s a great sensory activity that can keep them entertained for hours. Plus, it’s easy to clean up, which is always a plus.

Another easy craft that kids love is making paper airplanes. All you need is a piece of paper, and you can fold it into countless different shapes and sizes. Kids love experimenting with different designs and seeing how far they can make their planes fly. This is a great activity for developing their spatial awareness and problem-solving skills, while also having fun.

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Easy Crafts to Do With Kids While Babysitting

As a babysitter, it can be challenging to keep kids entertained throughout the day. I have found that simple crafts are a great way to keep them busy and help them express their creativity. Here are some easy crafts to do with kids while babysitting:

  1. Paper Plate Crafts – These crafts are simple and versatile. You can make animals, masks, or even a clock with just a few materials. All you need are some paper plates, paints, markers, and scissors.
  2. Popsicle Stick Crafts – Popsicle sticks are another affordable and fun material to work with. You can create a picture frame, a birdhouse, or even a wind chime. Make sure to have some glue, paints, and accessories like beads or stickers.
  3. Sock Puppets – Turn lonely socks into happy characters! All you need is some felt, googly eyes, glue, and fabrics to decorate the puppets. Create a story and a puppet show to keep the fun going.
  4. Friendship Bracelets – This craft is perfect for older kids who enjoy making jewelry. You just need some thread and beads or colored yarn. Check on YouTube for tutorials and inspiration to create different styles of friendship bracelets.
  5. Collages – Take out some magazines, newspapers, and photos. Cut out different shapes and colors to create a mosaic or a picture. You can keep it simple or make it as elaborate as you like.

These crafts are easy to set up, require minimal cleanup, and are a lot of fun for the kids. Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity with the materials at hand. With these simple crafts to do with kids while babysitting, you’ll be able to keep them entertained for hours.

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Creative Craft Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Crafting with kids is a fun way to keep them engaged and entertained while babysitting them. There are countless easy and creative crafts to do with kids that require minimal supplies and preparation. Here are some ideas that you can try out:

1. Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are always a hit with kids of all ages. All you need is some colorful paper, scissors, and glue. You can try making paper chains, paper flowers, paper airplanes, or even origami animals. You can also encourage your little ones to draw or paint on construction paper and add some decorations to make their artworks more colorful and unique.

2. Fun With Play Dough

Play dough is an excellent material for kids to mold and squish. You can make your own play dough at home using flour, salt, and water, or buy it from a store. Add some colorful food coloring to make it even more exciting. Let your kids have fun creating shapes, animals, and anything else their imagination conjures up.

3. DIY Felt Crafts

Felt is another very versatile material for making easy crafts with kids. You can cut it into shapes and sizes to make felt flowers, animals, or even jewelry. You can find felt sheets in many different colors at craft stores and online. Pair this with some glue and googly eyes and you’ve got a perfect craft project for your little ones.

4. Colorful Sand Art

Kids love playing with colored sand. You can purchase sand art kits that come with bottles and different colors of sand. Let your kids get creative and create their unique sand art. It’s simple, easy, and your child will have tons of fun doing it.

5. Homemade Slime

Homemade slime is a trending DIY kit which is easy to make and a hit with kids of all ages. All you need is some glue, borax, and water to create your own slime. Add some glitter or food coloring to make it super exciting. Your kids will love squishing and squeezing this gooey substance.

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Crafting with kids doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. With a few basic supplies, you can keep the kids entertained for hours. These easy craft ideas will keep your kids amused and get their creative juices flowing while you can sit back and relax a little.

As a frequent babysitter, I’ve found that one of the best ways to keep kids entertained and engaged is with easy DIY crafts. Not only are they fun and creative, but they can also help build fine motor skills and boost self-esteem. In this section, I will share a few of my favorite quick and easy craft projects that you can enjoy with kids while babysitting.

  1. Paper Plate Animal Masks One of the simplest crafts you can make with kids are these adorable animal masks using paper plates. Simply cut out the shape of your chosen animal (such as a lion, bear, or butterfly), color it in, add some ears or wings using construction paper, and attach a popsicle stick for a handle. Kids can then wear their masks and act out their favorite animal scenes.
  2. Popsicle Stick Photo Frames Another easy DIY craft to do with kids is making photo frames using popsicle sticks. All you need are some sticks, glue, and decorations such as glitter, gems, or stickers. Kids can then decorate their frames, add a photo of themselves or their favorite celebrity, and display them proudly in their room.
  3. Homemade Playdough Kids of all ages love playing with playdough, and making your own at home is surprisingly easy. All you need are flour, salt, water, oil, and food coloring. Kids can then mix the ingredients together and create their own unique colors and textures. They can also use cookie cutters or household items to shape their creations.

These are just a few quick and easy craft projects that you can do with kids while babysitting. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on supplies or preparation. With a little creativity and imagination, you can create fun and memorable experiences for the kids you babysit.