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Discover 10 Easy Crafts To Do With Kids That Will Engage And Delight

Are you struggling to find fun and easy activities to do with your kids? Look no further than easy crafts! Crafts are a great way to keep your kids entertained, while also promoting creativity and fine motor skills. Here are some simple and engaging easy crafts to do with kids.

First up, try making paper plate masks. All you need are some paper plates, scissors, and markers or paint. Cut the center of the paper plate out and have your child decorate the rest of the plate to look like the character they want to be. They can add details such as ears, noses, or antennae using construction paper or pipe cleaners. Once complete, attach a string or elastic to the sides of the mask so it can be worn.

Another activity that is sure to be a hit with little ones is creating sock puppets. This craft only requires socks, glue, and craft supplies such as googly eyes, buttons, and yarn. Simply glue on the eyes and other features to create unique characters – have your kids use their imagination to create a story and act it out with their new friends.

Whether it’s a rainy day, a birthday party, or just a regular weekend, these easy crafts to do with kids can provide hours of creative fun. So break out the supplies and let your little ones’ imaginations run wild!

Easy Crafts to Do With Kids

Are you searching for some fun and easy crafts to do with kids? Look no further! Here are some engaging craft activities that you and your children can enjoy together:

Rainbow Sponge Painting

This craft activity is perfect for kids who love bright colors and painting. All you need are some sponges, paints, and paper. Cut the sponges into small shapes, dip them into different colors of paint, and then press them onto the paper in a rainbow pattern. Let your children’s creativity run wild as they create their own beautiful masterpieces.

DIY Bird Feeders

If your kids love spending time in nature, then this is the perfect craft activity for them. All you need is some birdseed, peanut butter, and string. Mix the birdseed and peanut butter together, form it into shapes, and let them dry overnight. When ready, hang them outside and watch the birds flock around them.

Watercolor Resist Paintings

This craft activity is perfect for children who love experimenting with colors and creating beautiful patterns. All you need are crayons, watercolors, and paper. Your kids can draw patterns or designs using the crayons, then use the watercolors to paint over them. The wax in the crayons will resist the watercolors, resulting in a beautiful and unique piece of art.

DIY Popsicle Stick Photo Frames

This craft activity is perfect for kids who enjoy taking photographs and displaying them in a fun and creative way. All you need are some popsicle sticks, paint, glue, and a photo. Paint the popsicle sticks in your children’s favorite colors, glue them together to form a frame, add the photo, and voila! You have a personalized photo frame that your children will love to display.

These easy crafts to do with kids are not only fun but also help children to express their creativity and develop their motor skills. Spend some quality time with your children as you create memories that they will cherish forever.

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Materials You’ll Need

Before we start on our journey of exploring some exciting and easy crafts to do with kids, let’s gather all the necessary materials required for these engaging activities. Most materials can be found at home, while a few may require a quick run to the store.

  1. Construction Papers: A pack of construction paper in various colors can be a lifesaver when it comes to creating some fun and easy craft projects with kids.
  2. Glue and Tape: No craft project can be completed without a bottle of glue or a roll of tape. Make sure you have them handy before starting any craft activity with kids.
  3. Scissors: A pair of scissors are a useful tool for any type of craft project. Help your kids learn how to cut safely with kid-friendly safety scissors.
  4. Paints and Brushes: Painting is a great way to encourage creativity in kids. Make sure you have some washable paints and different sized brushes to offer more options for painting.
  5. Markers and Crayons: Another great way to encourage creativity is through coloring. A box of crayons or a pack of markers will allow kids to add more detail and color to any project they’re working on.
  6. Popsicle Sticks: Popsicle sticks are versatile and can be used to create several quick and easy crafts, such as puppets, picture frames, and more!
  7. Pipe Cleaners: Pipe cleaners are an excellent crafting supply that offers flexibility and can be twisted into various shapes for creating different types of projects.

These are just some of the basic materials needed for the easy crafts to do with kids! Remember to always check the instructions, so you know exactly what you need before starting any project.

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Step-By-Step Instructions

Want to keep your little ones entertained and engaged with a fun activity that is both creative and easy? Look no further than these easy crafts to do with kids! With a few simple materials and a little bit of creativity, you can create beautiful, kid-friendly crafts that will keep your children occupied for hours. Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

1. Paper Plate Crafts

One of the simplest and most versatile materials for crafting with kids is the humble paper plate. For a fun afternoon activity, grab a stack of white or colorful paper plates, some paints or markers, and a few additional supplies like pipe-cleaners, googly eyes, or stickers. You can use these materials to create a wide variety of paper plate crafts, from masks and animal faces to flowers, wreaths, and even 3D sculptures!

2. Salt Dough Creations

Another easy and affordable crafting material that is perfect for kids is salt dough. To make this dough, simply mix together some salt, flour, and a little bit of water, then knead it into a smooth ball. With the dough ready, your kids can roll out shapes, cut out patterns with cookie cutters, and decorate their creations with paints or markers. After baking in the oven for a few hours, you’ll have a collection of durable and colorful salt dough creations that make great keepsakes or gifts.

3. DIY Picture Frames

Looking for an even more practical and creative craft to do with your kids? Try making homemade picture frames! Using just a few pieces of cardboard, some paint or markers, and some tape or glue, you can create a wide variety of kid-friendly picture frames in all shapes and sizes. These frames are great for displaying your kids’ artwork or favorite photos, and can be customized with a variety of creative embellishments like sequins, buttons, or even natural objects like shells or leaves.

In conclusion, these easy crafts to do with kids are a great way to keep your little ones creative and engaged in a fun and affordable way. With just a few simple materials and a little bit of imagination, you can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind crafts that your kids will love and cherish for years to come.


I hope this article gave you some great ideas for easy crafts to do with kids. Crafting with children is a fun and productive way to spend quality time together while also engaging their creativity and imagination.

Remember, the key to successful crafting with kids is to keep things simple and fun. Don’t worry about perfection or getting everything exactly right. The joy is in the process, not just the end result.

By making use of everyday materials around your house and experimenting with different techniques, you and your child can create wonderful works of art that you can treasure for years to come.

So gather up your supplies, choose your project, and get ready to make some wonderful memories with your kids through these easy crafts!